More Reasons

With more ex-staff and some current staff contributing additional reasons not to believe Company X, here are the reasons requoted to ease reading.

Reasons Provided by Debbie

I must say something about Reason 5. StemLife’s so-called biomedical technologists a.k.a lab assistants are forced to work 12 hours shifts. I could not take it. I left. But I can definitely provide information from the lab’s point of view. These are the additional reasons for you not to store with Company X.

1. For those who stored their baby’s stem cells, you will receive a report of the volume of blood collected and the total nucleated cells count. Mind you, total nucleated cells (TNC) is not equivalent to the total amount of stem cells you’ve got. Stem cells are included into this count, but the most proper way to quantify the amount of stem cells is by a machine called the FACS machine. This machine can accurately quantify the amount of stem cells by targeting stem cells unique marker called CD34. Trust me, stem cells are only 1-2% of your total nucleated cells, and that depends on your luck if your doctor extracted the right blood or not. Next time, ask them about your CD34 count, because that reflects the total amount of stem cells you stored with them.

2. They have quality control. Some people donated their samples and this company uses this as quality control. This is a good move. But do you know? The viability of the stem cells decreases at least 2% after 1 month, even more after 2, 3 months. What does company X do about it? Nothing. As long as you as the customer do not know about it, it’s fine.

3. The lab is 24 hours. But the stem cells are not processed immediately when they arrived in the lab. One, because the lab assistants have to rest. Two, whenever there is a client visit, the entry to the lab is closed. This is to create good image for the visiting clients. So, whatever stem cells that arrive at that moment will have to wait at the admin/logistic office until the client visit ends, usually a couple of hours if everybody cooperated. Three, whenever there is PBSC, all the baby stem cells processing halts. Why? PBSC is more important, and one PBSC sample is RM15,000, which equals to 6 baby samples. All the baby’s samples were left untouched while PBSC is the main priority. So, 24 hours service? Think again.

4. Five new assistants joined in the lab in March, and 7 left after 3 months, including the old staffs. One of the reasons is because of the long working hours and night shifts. Do you know, to provide 24/7 service to the public, the lab assistants have to work during weekends and public holidays? And, trust me, the pay is not that attractive. No compensation for working night shifts nor weekends nor public holidays. If you think you are saving your baby’s life by storing their stem cells? Think again. One day, *touch wood* if your baby needs his/her stem cells, and you found out that they’re all dead or contaminated, what would you feel?

Of course, Company X guarantees FULL MONEY BACK. But that does not help your child. And of course, if your stem cell count is low, you can undergo this process called ‘cell expansion’ and oh god, try go out and find out the cost of doing that. And remember this, the chances of you taking needing your stem cells is less than 0.01%, i.e. 1 in 10,000 people. They can make money out of 9,999 people and offer you money back guarantee. What a smart move. And most parents want to store their child’s stem cells and brag about it. YOU ARE BEING CONNED! Nothing to be proud about it.

5.  By the way, both CRF (Controlled Rate Freezing) machines in Company X broke down. One of them broke down at least 3 months ago, and the other one just broke down recently. So, instead of getting a new one, or rent a CRF while waiting for the spare parts, they are using manual freezing. Well, more work now for the lab staffs. Just for more information, CRF is the machine used to freeze down stem cells in a controlled rate, if I’m not mistaken it is minus 1 degree celcius per minute. By doing manual freezing, they’ll have to manually move the samples from one tank to another (from higher temperature to lower ones). No more so-called controlled rate freezing. They’ll just move the sample from -4*C fridge to -40*c fridge, then to lower ones. But by moving the samples around, the samples are exposed to room temperature, so they are slightly heated up and back to low temperature again. That if the staffs doing this are senior staffs. For newcomers, I bet they will take longer to transfer the samples. I was a newbie before, and I know how newbies work at first. But do Company X cares? As long as there is no contamination found in your sample with their crappy detection machine, they’ll store it for you, even when your samples have insufficient volume, or Hep B Hep C. By the way, they store your stem cells together with the possible contaminated ones, before the tests came out. Oh, they’re process all the samples together, sometimes up to 12 samples in the same hood. Sterile eh? How hygienic.

6. Before every client visit, your sales rep will tell the lab supervisors, and all the lab staffs will clear every junk on the table, and pretend to work in a clean environment. These are just some shows put on for your viewing pleasure. it took me 2 months of training before i went under the hood to handle real samples. It now took less than a month for the new comers to handle your baby’s samples, right from the beginning till the end. Why? They’re short of staffs, only 1-2 seniors in each shift, together with 3-4 new comers. So, everything is in express lane now.

Will you still trust them?
Provided by Mrs Solis

I must agree with Debbie completely. I’m also a former lab staff and I have more to add to Debbie’s comments. Why did I leave? Same reason as Debbie…i.e. 12 hour shifts, no public holidays and weekends and worse…no annual leave!

More reasons not to store with Company X:
7. They claim to have a device called HEPA filter in their clean room processing area to keep the area clean. For a HEPA filter to work efficiently, it needs an area in the clean room for air to return and recirculate through the filters. However, if you have ever been into Company X’s lab, you would see that all the walls are sealed and there is no way air in the so called clean room could recirculate. So how clean is their clean room? I leave it to you to come to your own conclusions…

8. Would you store your stem cells with a company that processes non-human stem cells in the same laboratory, using the same equipment as human stem cells? Think again…you wouldn’t want to be like Rob Schneider in The Animal do you?

9. Imagine this scenario. Something happens to your sample on its way to the lab that renders it unable to be processed. Instead of informing you that something happened to your sample, you are told that your sample was found to be contaminated. Would you rather be told the truth or lies? Beware, there are many cover-ups in this company.

By Lucky Mum

10. i’m ex-customer of co. x who canceled my agreement and sign up with company c after finding out about some of the truth about company x.When I cancel, they send thier 2 lady boss to see me and even bad mouth company c. I still insist and they finall give up. Lucky 4 me. When i meet compoany c sales rep they very polite and never talk bad about other – very profesionaI. last week i also heard they use horse, dog and monkeys stem cells for experiment in the same lab as cord blood. I dont trust them even if they are listed.So unthetical!! How can we stop this horrible company from cheating many people? anyone??

By Joana

11. One more reason not to store with Company X…

“Stem” according to English dictionary also means “stop” . I will never store my precious baby’s cord blood with a company whose name is stopping life !

Which genius named this company ?! No reward for guessing it right !


9 Comments Add your own

  • 1. RVBTD  |  August 24, 2007 at 3:06 pm

    The other company also have a tyrant boss Botak RV. Bark, bark, bark everyday at staff making their life miserable .. & always like to tell sick disgusting sex joke, worse is always brag about himself & take other people’s credit. Soo tak malu. Hope someone tell him to stop bragging about himself & also stop telling sick sex jokes because really it makes people nauseous.

  • 2. Dr. Majid  |  August 28, 2007 at 3:29 pm

    Pls use sommon sense..not storing with a company cuz of it’s name??Dumb ar?

  • 3. Justify  |  September 30, 2007 at 7:21 am

    Reason no. 10..I went to com C and they bad mouther com s like shitz alrite..

  • 4. Confused  |  September 30, 2007 at 3:50 pm

    So the summary is not to go with SL. Can anyone give me a reason or reasons not to go with Co. C then?

    i think it’s very normal for any employees to feel dissatisfied with their employer in any company, any industry. It’s like a written fact. The main issue here is risking with someone’s life. That is intolerable and ironic since the setting up of cord blood banking is to save lives.

    For us mothers, we only want the best for our child. Yes, cord blood research may not be as advance as we would like it to be now. But it’s still an insurance. Who can guarantee any insurance company that will not go bankrupt 10 or 20 years to come and see your consistently paid policy go down the drain?

    I guess cord blood banking is similar to buying an insurance policy. It may progress to our benefit in years to come and it may not. If we are financially able, then we would like to give it a try. Pretend you are buying 4D for 20 years and one day you might strike 1st prize! Although most don’t.

    But with all these unpleasant information published, who else is still willing to go with SL? I guess I would not anymore. But is there no dirty linen to wash on Co. C?

    If someone can dish some dirt on Co. C, maybe I can then make a better choice. Or should we just opt for international company then?

  • 5. simedarby  |  October 5, 2007 at 6:07 pm

    there are two company c, so which is better ar?? CC or CS?

  • 6. Xenobiologista  |  October 14, 2007 at 9:00 pm

    *scratches head* Bit stupid right…if this company is claiming to store stem cells from cord blood and they don’t even have a FACS machine to count them?

    The problem with Malaysia is that we’re almost a developed country in terms of having resources and technology but we’re still very much a developing country in terms of knowledge of and regulations on that technology. *sigh*

    To Joana: “stem” has nothing to do with the company itself, it’s a biological term. Think of stem cells producing other types of cells like the stem of a tree with the branches coming out of it.

  • 7. Gemuk  |  November 4, 2007 at 3:26 am

    aiyo sien, all of you no need to talk 3 talk 4 la. if really not happy, go to MCA or DAP complain. go to press and burst all the matters. i believe our goverment wont close 1 eye la. as for me, if this certain co. done something that break the law, i will sue them until they ham plus chan

  • 8. MakRam  |  April 29, 2008 at 8:34 am

    Hi I have just been told that CSI has been awarded license by MoH. The other thing I heard is Stemlie doctor has left, so their license may well be revoked back by MoH. Just to share the latest info with you all

  • 9. Busy Daddy  |  October 7, 2008 at 8:02 am

    i agreed with CONFUSED…..can anyone share any cons about company C???……just a reference please


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