Chinese translation ?

Readers are asking for Chinese translation to help Mandarin-speaking parents to understand the Reasons better. Can anyone volunteer to help me translate the Reasons into Chinese and email it to . All parents have the rights to  know the lies.


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Cloak and Dagger

More ex-staff (and I suspect some current staff too) are joining in to contribute. There are now members of the management from Company X reading this blog, I believe Susan even started the stemnotlie blog to counter this blog. She talked about choices in her new blog, trying to give excuses to justify taking in infected cord blood as being righteously fair and just. End of the day, these people can be immense in their own lies, but the truth will prevail. Many answers have already been provided by readers of this blog, including medical doctors among them now. This is indeed the power of people and truth, answers are out there.

There were also accusations about ex-staff were fired and are taking revenge. The truth is hardly any laboratory staff is ever fired by Company X as they are perpetually short of people due to the high turn-over of staff. Many left because of the malpractices, and I sincerely believe they are contributing here because they care about parents who got lured by Company X. 

Some of the characters of Company X are now hiding behind various accusations to discredit this blog and its contributing readers. Beware of the daggers hidden…

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Fictitious names from now on…

Some of my former colleagues have already suspected who wrote this, I am going to use fictitious names from now onwards. You readers out there are smart enough to know who I am talking about.

Oh yea, I also have to say that any similarity to any company out there is purely coincidental. This is supposingly a fictitious blog officially now 🙂

Please help spread the words fast if you care about other parents out there, I don’t know how long more I am going to maintain this site, without being threatened.

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Why did I still store with Company X?

Ever since posting this blog up, I have been flooded with so many questions from readers. Among the most frequent one is why did I still store with Company X if I know so much dubious activities going on there.

 The answer is I stored my first baby’s stem cells with the company when I first joined, there was incentive given to employees. The competitors are not active at that time. I only felt very wrong about the organization much later on.

There was also a question asking why can’t I spell Company X correctly if I really worked there. It is kinda funny, but I will not answer question of such low calibre. *This is just for your amusement*

There was another question about how I know so much about the company ? What can I say… I read from the company’s website ?!!!

Another frequent question was whether I work for the competitor. Did I ever promote any competing service provider here ? I know there are at least two other companies out there, but I am not endorsing any of them and will not name any of them here. Is that clear enough ?

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Why Am I against Company X

cryobag.jpgI am a former employee of Company X. Before you dismiss me as a disgruntled employeed who got fired, let me tell you that I resigned because I couldn’t stand all the lies and non-sense that go on then (and now). I am also a customer of Company X, storing my baby’s cord blood with them. I am now working for a government-related biotech agency as an administrator.

My motive of doing this is to publicize all the worrying activities of Company X. You may not trust me completely, but I will put down sources of info that you can always verify independently. I am doing this anonymously for obvious reasons.

Help spread the words and alert your friends who are thinking of signing up with Company X, don’t fall into this blood-sucking company’s trap.

Click on the tab above to see the 10 reasons.

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